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Circles Digital on Insomniafm

Circles Digital is an independent label dedicated to promote fine & high quality electronic music…We want to keep our producers team small, choosing quality over quantity.

Main genres are deep tech, deep house, minimal, electronica, ambient and chill out….

Circles Digital Artists: Igor Avramovic, Predrag Puzic, Pedro Soares, SimonV, Microesfera, Richter, Alex Pol, Carlos Mantilla, Dj Sundance, Trudering Klang, Groove Dvision, Darko Lukic, Tihomir Njiredjhazi, Miss Electric, River Raider, Ouzil Jagger, Dual, Vedran Komm, Ali Black, Locwax, Hugo Brown, Beekay Deep, Elle, Alex Morais, Twentynine Palms, Lobor D, Rawness, Frank Valat, Delawer Art… (The art covers are made by Delawer Omar, Western Kurdistan popular artist based in Swiss) and many more…

In 2015 joins Insomniafm family with a monthly radio show called Circles Digital with sounds sorts of creative collisions that defines the label with analogue and digital both sound better when they’re blended together.

Show on Insomniafm: Circles Digital / Every 4th Friday of the month at 19:00 CET

circles-digital insomniafm



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