As wrote in a recent review:

“From Richter you never know what to expect: the pronounced eclecticism makes superfluous all odds risky at the moment before listening to his new product. The composer and musician from Turin is accustoming us very well, as each time calls into question certainties, breaking what seemed like the previous limits and venturing there where the irreducible of the 4/4’s drumkick would never venture.” (G.Impellizeri – Dj Mag Italy / Technodisco)

His style and his musical research are characterized by a dark and dreamy sound and a continuous crossover of styles, aimed at overcoming the barriers between musical genres.From techno to minimal, from modern electro to idm and experimental,this is what you can always expect when you’re going to listen his music.

After graduation at Conservatory he has been very active on the national and international jazz and pop scene,playing with some of the most famous Italian and International artists. Very young,since 2000 he start to be part of electronic music scene as author,producer and dj,licensing his songs on some of the best international labels such Universal Music,Drizzly,Axwax,Zomba with several nicknames. Some of tracks of which is author climbed worldwide charts and were remixed by producers such Marc Dawn,Flulicht,Green Court,Steve Murano,included in some of the most important dance compilations all around the world.

After a break due to the realization of some parallel musical projects and changes on his musical research, since 2011 Richter has back with this new name and since then he is licensing his music with some of the best techno and electro labels worldwide (Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Plus Records, Cable Recordings, The Zone Records,Amazone Rec, Lazerslut, FK Records,Things to Come Records, Electro Arc and many others)
His tracks are constantly supported by artists such as Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, DJ Rush, Space DJZ, Gary Beck,A.Paul, Tony Rohr, Mike Wall,Sven Wittekind, Sasha Carassi and many others.
He has active collaborations with top techno and electro artists and others who are not part of the electronic music scene,such the Italian neofolk legends Spiritual Front.
He’s also active as a videogames ost composer.

Richter performs as dj and live all around the world, focusing mostly on Europe and Japan.
His sets reflect as well his inclination as a producer: they are a journey into the most modern and advanced expressions of techno music,without barriers and borders between genres, but always with a common thread that leads from his style.

Richter is now part of the Amazone Booking roster with artists such Tom Hades, Electric Rescue, David Carretta, Audio Injection, Axel Karakasis, Niereich, Lex Gorrie,Paul Mac and many others.


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