Locwax is the pseudonym of Lachlan Bleackley. Lachlan has been making music since the late 80’s. Starting with an electric guitar, he played in several rock fusion bands doing original music and playing shows in and around Toronto, Ontario.

Needing more money in life, Lachlan decided to take some college education where he met some new friends that took him to something called a ‘Rave.’ At this ‘Rave’ he heard music called Trance and thought it really sucked. But still, he had the best time in the world.

His friends took him to another party with music in two different rooms. One had an imported DJ from UK by the name of Paul Oakenfold. The other room was different DJ’s who his friends knew nothing about. Somehow they all ended up in the ‘other room’ by mistake. This was just fine for Lachlan, because he had heard the CD’s played that were mixed this Paul Oakenfold and didn’t really like it anyway.

In this ‘other room’ were these two guys on stage. One had a microphone and the other was playing on two turntables. The beats were very much what Lachlan liked and reminded him of bands in which he had played with in the past. The guy on the mic was talking about really cool things along with the music. This was amazing! Lachlan learned that the two on stage were called LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad and at the same time wondered, “How do I make music like this?” That’s where the name Locwax came into being.

Lachlan acquired a computer and learned some music making programs. Also, after going out to more parties he learned about House and Techno and started loving the scene and the music. He eventually bought some real synthesizers and a drum machine and later he was completing tracks and having them signed to labels like MusicTracx Recordings, Cobalt/Special Recordings, Nightshade Music, Nice and Nasty, No. 19 Music (as Article), and others.

Lachlan releases music under the name Locwax as solo projects; also with Mike Gibbs as LoveBomber and with Elliott Lazor as Article.




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