Beekay Deep


Based in Greece, BeeKay Deep was born in the summer of 2008 where the two soulmates and friends for many years Costantino Bozi and Dennis Kaski united their love for house music, particularly deep house.

As DJ’s collecting and mixing records was always their first priority, playing sets at premiere clubs on Zakynthos Island, Athens and abroad. Music Technology studies saw them step into production. Digesting many musical genrés over the years as DJ’s, they found their love for house always stronger, always deeper.

Producing music and writing lyrics are the steps they are following for the present and even more for the future…

Releases so far…

”Soul Is E.P” [Smooth Agent Tracks]

”Distance E.P” [Drizzle Music]

”In My Mind” [Oh So Coy Records]

”Joseph Hines – What’s Life’s Evaluation (BeeKay Deep Remix) [Smooth Agent Records]

”By The Masses Feat. Ecstacy” [StreetWise Records]

”Right On Feat. Faidra” [Hub City Music]

”Loner – Doesn’t Matter (BeeKay Deep Remix)” [Aspect Audio]

”NYC E.P” [Soul Shift Music]

”With U Feat. Elona *Remixed” [Drizzle Music]

”The Promise” [Oh So Coy Records[

”Lew Ashby – Dawn (BeeKay Deep Remix)” [Oh So Coy Records]

”Here To Stay/This Thing” [Deep Nota Records]

”Tome R – Leave (BeeKay Deep Remix)” [Deep Nota Records]

”With U E.P” [Drizzle Music]

”Don’t U E.P” [Aspect Audio]

”Moving Forward E.P” [Smooth Agent Records]

”Luv Remixed E.P” [Integrity Records]

”The Rhythm E.P” [Drizzle Music]

”Luv E.P” [Integrity Records]

”Unity E.P” [Hub City Records]

”Be House E.P” [Soul Shift] Records

”No Cool E.P” [Smooth Agent Records]

”Dual II – Sweet Paradise (BeeKay Deep Remix) [Soul Shift Records]

”Around The World E.P” [Integrity Records]

”Lead Yourself / The Feeling” [Soul Shift Records]

”I’ve Got Soul” [Integrity Records]


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